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Joslin Diabetes Center Syracuse is a leading diabetes care and research organization that has been providing high-quality diabetes care and education for over 20 years. It is affiliated with Upstate Medical University, one of the largest academic medical centers in the nation. The Center offers a variety of services to people living with diabetes and their families, including diabetes self-management education, individualized diabetes care, and support for people with diabetes. The Center also works to advance diabetes research and develop new treatments for diabetes. In addition, it offers diabetes classes, support groups, and community events to help people understand and manage their diabetes. Joslin Diabetes Center Syracuse is committed to providing the best possible diabetes care to its patients and the community.

Types of Care

Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse provides comprehensive care for people with diabetes. From lifestyle coaching and nutrition counseling to diabetes management and insulin therapy, they offer a variety of services to meet various needs. Their goal is to help people with diabetes live as healthy a life as possible. They provide personalized, multidisciplinary care to help patients better manage their diabetes and achieve their health goals. From individualized meal plans to understanding the role of physical activity in diabetes management, their team of experts offers the latest evidence-based treatments to help people live their best life. With support from their physicians, nurses, dietitians and other health professionals, patients can receive the support and guidance they need to manage their diabetes and live well.


Diabetes is a serious medical condition that affects millions of people across the globe. At Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse, New York, they strive to provide the very best in research, education and clinical care for those with diabetes. Joslin is committed to conducting cutting-edge research to improve care and outcomes for people with diabetes. Here, they have dedicated themselves to creating comprehensive, robust, and long-term care to those in need.

At Joslin Diabetes Center, scientists are working hard to understand diabetes, its risk factors, treatments, and prevention. From the development of new drugs to enhancing pancreatic cell therapies to understanding genetics of diabetes, this research center is committed to making a difference in the lives of those living with the condition. Here are some of the areas of research at Joslin Diabetes Center:

  1. Research in genetics and epigenetics
  2. Lifestyle management, such as nutrition and exercise
  3. Artificial pancreas development
  4. Novel and improved treatments and medicines
  5. Pancreas transplantation
  6. Diabetes complications research

With over 200 scientists, physicians and educators dedicated to improving the lives of those with diabetes, Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse, New York is a leading diabetes research facility. Their commitment to research and patient care is making a difference in the lives of those living with the condition.

Diabetes Care and Education

Joslin Diabetes Center Syracuse specializes in Diabetes Care and Education. Providing comprehensive, evidence based care and support to those with or at risk for diabetes is the goal of the Center. This includes:

  1. Assessment and diagnosis of diabetes and its complications
  2. Individualized care and treatment plans
  3. Educational and self-management support
  4. Nutrition assessment and counseling
  5. Exercise prescription and follow-up
  6. Long-term diabetes follow-up and support

The Center’s team of providers strive to ensure patients have the resources and support they need to make informed decisions about their health, and to live an active and healthy life with diabetes. With a focus on prevention, Joslin Diabetes Center Syracuse provides supportive care, resources, and education to individuals, families, and community members.

Research Highlights

In the Syracuse area, the Joslin Diabetes Center is providing the latest in diabetes research and care. Led by its Director, Dr. Steven V. Edelman, the experts at Joslin Diabetes Center have provided cutting-edge diabetes care for over a decade. In recent years, the team has researched breakthrough treatments for diabetes and led several studies to better understand the disease. Clinicians and educators at Joslin Diabetes Center strive to educate both the community and medical professionals about diabetes and its effects. Now, physicians at the Center are working with patients on lifestyle changes that can help prevent the onset of diabetes. That includes strategies for weight loss, exercise and improved nutrition. The Joslin Diabetes Center is dedicated to helping people with diabetes live healthier and longer lives.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies undertaken at Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse have revealed a number of positive outcomes related to diabetes treatment and prevention. The center is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive diagnosis and management of diabetes, as well as prevention and education services. Through its research, the center has studied the effects of lifestyle changes, nutrition, and exercise, as well as the effects of various medications, on diabetes. The results of these studies have allowed for the development of better tools, treatments, and therapies for diabetes management. Clinical studies at the center are ongoing and provide important insights into diabetes and its impact on individuals and families. Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse is at the forefront of diabetes research and is committed to developing more effective treatments for this chronic condition.

Prevention Program

At Joslin Diabetes Center Syracuse, prevention is the key to better health. Through the center’s Prevention Program, individuals can learn about the risk factors for diabetes, how to make lifestyle changes to reduce their risk, and how to detect diabetes early. Through the program, Joslin’s highly-skilled, experienced staff provide personalized counseling and assessments to help people understand their risk and steps they can take to prevent diabetes. The program also offers on-site educational sessions, individualized medical nutrition therapy, and access to the latest research and treatments. Joslin Diabetes Center Syracuse is committed to helping individuals take control of their health and prevent diabetes before it starts.

Diabetes Resources

Joslin Diabetes Center Syracuse offers a variety of resources to support people with diabetes. From lifestyle modifications and nutrition to exercise and stress management, the Center offers comprehensive support and guidance. Education programs and support groups are available to help individuals and families navigate life with diabetes. The Center also offers resources such as insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring services, diabetes supplies, and access to clinical trials. Through its community outreach programs, the Center works to provide support and information to those living with diabetes in the greater Syracuse area. With a focus on wellness, the Center strives to empower individuals to take control of their diabetes and live healthier lives.


In conclusion, the Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse is an invaluable resource for Syracuse residents and people across the region who suffer from diabetes. With a dedicated team of certified medical professionals, the center offers comprehensive care, education, and research to help people manage and live with diabetes. Here are the key benefits of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse:

  1. Provides comprehensive diabetes care, education, and research
  2. Dedicated team of certified medical professionals
  3. Offers counseling, nutrition education, and diabetes management classes
  4. Supports clinical trials to test new treatments and therapies
  5. Provides access to the latest technology to monitor and manage diabetes

The Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse is a great resource for those living with diabetes. It offers cutting-edge care and therapy, as well as the latest technology and research to help manage diabetes. With its dedicated team of medical professionals, the center is committed to helping people with diabetes live healthy and active lives.

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