A Song about Asthma


“Medicine – Artist” is a song that delves into the heart of asthma, exploring the daily struggles of those living with the condition. The song was created by artist, Medicine, in a bid to share the realities of living with asthma and to give comfort to those suffering in their journey. This song paints a vivid picture of what life with asthma can be like and provides a touching insight into the struggles experienced. Through the lyrics, Medicine hopes to be a source of hope and comfort for those fighting through the condition. The main point of “Medicine – Artist” is that asthma can be managed and controlled with the right treatment and lifestyle. To help support this message, here is a list of steps that can help you manage asthma better:

  1. Use an inhaler as prescribed
  2. Avoid triggers such as dust, smoke and pollen
  3. Keep fit through regular exercise
  4. Get regular medical check-ups
  5. Eat a healthy, balanced diet

We hope this song inspires you and helps you on your journey with managing asthma.


When talking about music and asthma, one genre always comes to mind: medicine. Music in the medicine genre is specifically designed to be therapeutic for those suffering from asthma and other respiratory issues. It is typically tranquil, with a harmonic rhythm of chimes, bells, and flutes designed to relax the listener. Medicine music often discusses the healing power of plants and nature, and can be a great way to calm the mind and destress. The gentle sound serves to remind listeners that breathing is natural, and that one is connected to the healing world of nature. With its calming and soul-soothing effects, medicine music creates an atmosphere of peace and understanding, providing much-needed comfort to those struggling with asthma.


Medicine has been a major part of the treatment of asthma for centuries. In the lyrics of the song “Medicine”, singer-songwriter Roberta Flack speaks of a medicine that not only serves as a physical cure, but also offers emotional healing. She sings of the healing power of love and understanding that comes with taking medicine, and acknowledges the pain and struggles that come with asthma. Flack’s lyrics capture the powerful and emotive nature of the illness and its treatment, offering the hope of a better tomorrow with the help of medicine. It is an inspiring song that serves as a reminder that although asthma can be a difficult illness to manage, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.


The instrumental accompaniment to a song about asthma lends itself well to a variety of sounds. The core of the instrumentation relies on a steady and soothing rhythm, often provided by a drumbeat, to create a steady and calming backing to the song; this is important in creating a sense of peace and security that somebody living with asthma needs. Building upon this, light guitars and subtle keyboard parts can be used to generate a more calming atmosphere, while piano and string instruments can provide emotional depth to the track. Finally, various sound effects, like rain and birdsong, can be used to create a greater sense of atmosphere and connection to nature. All of the factors combined create a musical experience that reflects the struggles and successes of somebody living with asthma, providing an aural representation of their journey.


Medicine is much more than just a physical entity – it also carries great meaning and emotion. In the case of asthma, medicine can mean the difference between life and death. It is a lifeline to those suffering from the chronic condition, offering them a chance to continue their daily activities without disruption or discomfort. Medicine can also signify the power of hope, a reminder that with perseverance and proper treatment, sufferers can and do recover. As such, a song about asthma can be seen as a reminder of the courage and strength it takes to manage the condition, but also of the hope and healing that can come with proper care. By creating a song about asthma, one can spread a message of hope and empowerment to those who may otherwise feel helpless in their fight against the disease.


The asthma medicine massively influences the perception of this condition. Its development and progress enabled more effective control of the disease, making it more and more manageable. As a result, many people have been able to live normal lives and have even excelled in various fields. This changes the perception of asthma since now the condition is not only about suffering and restricted life, but rather a manageable daily challenge, that can be met with the available treatments and medicines. Furthermore, the development of medicine has also made possible for scientists to design helpful ways of communication and support to those living with this condition, helping them to understand better the implications, and better manage their everyday lives and be able to realize their dreams and ambitions.

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